After our time spent at Comlongon Castle, we drove up to Edinburgh, where we stayed for five days.  We stayed at a terrific bed-and-breakfast hosted by David and Maureen Miller, and enjoyed the accommodations, service, and the time spent with them very much!  Of course there's just no way to describe what a great time we had, and share all of our experiences, but these photographs and the text that accompanies them paint a decent picture of our time spent in Edinburgh.  This page will also be added to in the near future, so do come back!

Edinburgh B&B Front-50.JPG (70687 bytes) The front of the B&B where
we stayed on Dean Park
Edinburgh Castle Arms-50.JPG (48871 bytes) Castle Arms, where we
bought our plaids!  Norman
has lots of great stuff, and
was very friendly and helpful.
I'll have a copy of his
brochure and a way to
contact him for phone orders
Edinburgh Kimber&Piper-50.JPG (54680 bytes) Kimber jamming with a
piper on the Royal Mile.
Edinburgh Deacon Brodie's-50.JPG (82063 bytes) Deacon Brodie's Pub
Edinburgh Pub Group-50.JPG (242027 bytes) The first installment of
some cool pictures.  This
was our first night in
Edinburgh.  This "night"
quickly turned to morning
(but that's another story),
but it was a blast!
Edinburgh Last Drop-50.JPG (85111 bytes) The Last Drop Inn.
Infamous for being located
next to the Edinburgh
gallows, and being the
last opportunity for a
drink before one took
their last drop.

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