Pictures do not do this castle justice.  Located just minutes from Comlongon Castle, Caerlaverock is Scotland's only three-sided castle, and an absolute blast to walk (climb, crawl) around!  We went on a chilly/misty day that created a sense of connection to the past, so strong that you could almost see and hear the past inhabitants (and combatants) going about the business of the day.  If you're ever in the area, it is well worth the stop!

Please check back, because like the other pages I have more pictures, and will be adding more in the way of history and information regarding Caerlaverock.  It's definitely worth the return visit!
Caerlaverock Castle-50.JPG (50262 bytes) The view as you
approach the castle.
Caerlaverock Gate-50.JPG (81511 bytes) Kimberly showing
off the moat and
entrance to
Caerlaverock Lance Tower-50.JPG (69044 bytes) One of the towers
supporting the
fortress walls.
Caerlaverock Kimber Inside-50.JPG (82124 bytes) Just to the right
(your right) is a fire-
place in one of the
great rooms.  I'm
standing in the
privy to get this

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