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Our first three days in Scotland were spent at Comlongon Castle.  It's a beautiful site with charming, luxurious accommodations, and the most efficient, friendly staff I've ever come across.  In fact we began planning our next trip before we even left!  This section is a tribute to the best, most romantic three days spent anywhere!

To Phillip and Wendy, thank you so much for an absolutely lovely time.  We'll see you again soon!

A brief history
COMLONGON CASTLE, built on the tidal plain of the shallow Solway estuary to combat the frequent border incursions by English raiders is mentioned as early as 1331 when the Earl of Moray, Thomas Randolph gave the property to his nephew Sir William Murray. Early in the 18th Century the descendants of the Murrays, Lord Mansfield of Scone Palace, had a Mansion house built adjacent to the Keep.

Comlongon Castle 50.JPG (86216 bytes) This picture, taken from the lawn, shows the back side of Comlongon Castle.  By the way, ours were the top windows on the far right.
Comlongon Bed-50.JPG (89778 bytes) The Honeymoon Suite.
Comlongon Closets-50.JPG (69238 bytes) Champagne, chocolates, and fresh flowers brought up daily.  Breakfast served in the room each morning.  Awesome.
Comlongon Kimber GHall-50.JPG (75410 bytes) We also had free run of the keep.   Here's Kimberly in the window of the Great Hall.
Comlongon Lance Bar-50.JPG (76989 bytes) They also have a terrific little bar.   Even though the weather was beautiful, we still found time to relax with a Guinness (or two).
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