Carlisle Castle

This was definitely an unplanned trip, but one that turned out to be a great time!  We woke on our second day in Scotland, and after an excellent breakfast we set off.  Except we didn't really, because the battery in the rent-a-car had died overnight!  Anyway, to make a long story short, the man they sent out jumped started the car (a Proton ... oof) and we followed him southward into Carlisle England.   It turned out to be exactly where we wanted to be!

Carlisle Castle.JPG (190014 bytes) Carlisle Castle has been
a functional fortress for
over 800 years, and is
located in Carlisle just
across the English
Carlisle Mary's Tower-50.JPG (126805 bytes) This tower is known as
Queen Mary's Tower.
Mary Queen of Scots
was held here in 1568.
Carlisle Kimber Rock-50.JPG (72291 bytes) Kimberly at the "Queen
Mary's Tower" plaque
with a stone found there.
Carlisle Lance Stairs-50.JPG (58877 bytes) Lance coming up to the
uppermost battlements
by way of a tiny stairwell.
Carlisle Kimber Cannons-50.JPG (68418 bytes) Kimberly manning the
guns that at one time
guarded against attack
by land.

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