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For those who have been here before, I've established this page to serve as a quick reference point for changes and updates to this site.  Whenever changes are made, I'll add a link that will take you there!

August 6 1999   Plaid Dragon is born!   Today is my birthday!  It also marks the beginning of our new domain, PlaidDragon.com!  Not only does it mean that the URL is easier to remember (and type), but it allows the room needed to grow and expand.  I've already done a little "peaking and tweaking", but expect more content (including wedding/honeymoon pics I've promised) very soon!

July 15 1999   Updated the Art Home Page   Haven't been there in a while?  Check it out!

June 9 1999   Linked the Renaissance Board BBS!   Have a question?  An answer to a question?   Or maybe you have a comment or information on a particular faire or faire people.   If so, post it here in this open forum for ren faire discussion and information!

June 7 1999   Added Children's Art pics.

June 6 1999   Added the first pics to the Fantasy Art section! 

June 4 1999   Added the first installment of Reception Pictures!

June 4 1999   Added pics from Scarborough!

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Questions?  Comments?  Feel free to email us at:  Lance@PlaidDragon.com

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