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by having an original, professional portrait done!

One of the things that I enjoy most is "bringing to life" a person (or thing) that is very real in the imagination of a gamer, by fleshing him or her (or it) out.  It may sound strange to some people, but a character is a being that already lives and breathes somewhere else, and often he or she (or it) doesn't have a face in this world.  It's the fleshing-out process that's so cool, and it's not at all unlike pulling him/her/it through the page, like through a portal to the here and now.  I don't use templates or masks, each piece starts from scratch.  I do this so inexpensively because I love doing it, and will continue to do so as time allows.

Just send an email with the information requested below!
The finished piece will be an original and unique picture of YOUR character,
so you'll want to be as specific as possible!

Not all information requested will be applicable, depending on the game, so approximate
where you need to and add descriptions for items, traits, characteristics not covered:
Your Name
Your Email Address
Character Name
Game (AD&D, Champions, etc.)
Character Class
Character Race
Age (actual and/or apparent)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Hair Length/Style
Skin Tone
Distinguishing Marks/Scars
"My character most resembles ..."

And any other information you feel may be helpful

After you provide this information, I'll respond to discuss terms and price*.

* Price depends greatly on size, color, detail, and number of subjects, so I'm unable to quote absolute rates here.  The prices however are extremely reasonable and will start as follows:

Black and White (pencil) Bust $40
Black and White (pencil) Full Figure $50
Black and White (pen & ink) Bust $50
Black and White (pen & ink) Full Figure $60
Color Bust $60
Color Full Figure $75
Scanned Image (add) $10
Postage and Handling (inside U.S.)

$  5

Please note that these prices are introductory prices and will not remain this low for long!

Last revised: August 08, 1999

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